Threat level elevated?

Posted by Emmanuel Smith

Since some of us were not allowed access to the COP15 conference this morning, so we regrouped back at the apartment to figure out what to do next.  We decided to head to one of the side events, Klimaforum, the unofficial shadow COP15, and found ourselves in the middle of an unknown threat at the Central Station.  As we approached the station, we saw a handful of Politi vans blocking access to several streets leading to the station.  Upon entering the station to try to get to the S line, we were met by officers turning people around, an announcement in Danish over the loudspeakers in essence saying to clear the platforms, and the heavy duty gates slowly shutting off all access.  At first we thought that the protesters were now storming the station, and we decided it best to leave as quickly as possible so as to dodge any potential pepper spray or beatings.  The atmosphere around the station was not so much of panic but rather of annoyance by travelers, while police and military in groups of 6 or so were patrolling the streets throughout the city. Helicopters with no signal lights were circling overhead for the next several hours and sirens could be heard every few minutes.  We later learned over dinner that it was indeed a bomb scare, but thankfully was just that, and didn’t amount to anything serious.  Some of us will try to go back to the Bella Center in the morning, but sources say that officials will now not allow ANY NGO members in at all, rather than the previously stated 1000 (cut down from 7000 allowed on Monday and Tuesday). We have just found out that only a very select few NGO members, less than a thousand out of the more than 20,000 here in Copenhagen, will be allowed into the Bella and those people are required to have a third accreditation pass to go along with the other two.  So, we will be visiting some of the many side events being held throughout the city tomorrow.  It should be very exciting and busy since so many people will now not be able to enter the actual COP15 conference.


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