And, now for something different …

Posted by Deepa Badrinarayana

Not making it into the Bella Center today, we decided to walk around to take in climate sites. Just about every corner in Copenhagen has a message amidst bright holiday decorations — a sculpture of the globe scattered here and there; huge trees in flower pot sculptures; and messages for concluding a climate accord. Even a message that climate action requires new financing and to stop haggling about emissions reduction! Blending into the city are young people clad in green Santa suits handing out badges — Open for Hope. Also, youngsters walked quietly through train stations holding signs climate 2010 and sign the deal. Despite the snow, bicyclists bicycled. Over dinner, restaurants treated us to candlelight dinner in reverence for the one hour lights out announced today.

It feels like the end of a big game/match. The players are all here. We know their strengths and weaknesses, perhaps better than they allow themselves to believe. However, we do not know if the final leap will be made. What does stand out, as pointed out by a commentator to Ban Ki-moon last night is this — we still do not have a international environmental organization.

Till more follows.



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