The unofficial draft negotiating text

Negotiating text

Posted by Deepa Badrinarayana

Here is the latest, unofficial draft negotiating text. Subject to change; subject to negotiations.



4 Responses to The unofficial draft negotiating text

  1. Don Will says:

    What do you folks think about the resignation of Connie Hedegaard as Conf President? The line we get is that it is a protocol move so the PM can take over before all the heads of state/gov arrive. The back story is that the conference is in such trouble that they needed her down on the floor and engaged in negotiations to try to make it a success.

  2. I think you are probably right (but I don’t know for sure). She seemed fairly nervous in her remarks on Dec. 15 and strongly appealing for an agreement to occur.

  3. Deepa says:

    What you suggest is highly likely, Don. There is general disbelief about the reasons for her stepping down. Quite a few people that I spoke to were not certain that this is any form of a protocol. Hope all is well!

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