Day 3: Ushering in the challenge

Posted by Deepa Badrinarayana

By now, NGO delegates are no longer allowed  inside Bella Center. The bus and metro stations to the center are closed. Protesters have apparently surrounded the venue. Police and the army are omnipresent. There are news reports about a possible storming. NGOs are no longer given accreditation. On Thursday, only 1,000 will be allowed, and on Friday 90 (apparently). There is anger, much anger, in the air. Passions are running high.

I am signing off from a little cafe in the Central Station, which is suddenly crowded with lot of people who can no longer access Bella Center. I have no clue what Friday will bring, leave alone Thursday. But, one thing is clear–this is no longer only about the climate. This larger. It is about our world vision and about how we set about achieving it. It is about the foundation of all our societies. Do our politicians have the ability to  handle this? With or without a pact? Have we truly and genuinely given this enough thought to take meaningful action.

However, one thing is certain. Arnold Schwarzenegger rules. Just about every paper that I have seen has his photo on the front page with his message for climate change–go easy. But, will easy go?  I leave you with one thought. What would we do for climate change, are we doing it; if you are not, from whom can we expect this?


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