International Science Collaborations

Chapman team with former prime minister Kun Goh

Posted by Susan Yang

As you all know, we are attending COP15 in Copenhagen. The weather has been sort of welcoming, sub zero temperatures and no snow yet, since we came here on Sunday. The city is very peaceful and calm with gray sky most of the day, and not really seeing the sun, which is very new to us since we are from California. We are staying in an apartment where the couple renting the apartment have a lot of candles and I can see my neighbors through windows. Living in an apartment is a great experience and much, much cheaper than a hotel.

Yesterday, we woke up at 4 AM and arrived at Bella convention center around 6:30 AM. Eight of us from Chapman tried to register in order to get into convention center. It was quite an experience to line up outside for almost 2 hours. It was cold and dark until we finally entered the Bella convention center. By the time 7 of us, except Menas who went in under special circumstances, arrived in the room where the Korea Green Foundation was hosting a side event–it was around 9:45 AM. Korea University and Chapman co-hosted this side event. It was very successful and glad that we got a lot of attention internationally. The former prime minister as well as major of Seoul visited the event with several Korea government participants. Also, after the event Menas, Paul and myself spent a couple of hours with Professors Lee and Son from Korea University (KU) to further plan our scientific collaborations with Korean Scientists. We discussed how we can assist in adaptation for international organizations and Asian-Pacific countries, share technologies, etc.

Chapman University has had a lot of scientific collaborations with Korea University which began last year. Besides scientific collaborations, KU helped a lot the Chapman team for this conference. For instance, two of us are registered under KU since they are one of NGOs recognized by United Nations. Many thanks to KU for helping us to participate in this side event as well as discussing with us future scientific collaborations.


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