Slideshow: More scenes from COP15

Posted by Mary Platt

The team discusses climate change at dinner.

It’s late night in beautiful downtown Copenhagen. We  are safely ensconced back at our apartment on Dybbolsgade. After all the excitement of today we found a beautiful restaurant recommended by one of our landlords.  Cocofo serves “new Danish cuisine” and was a very cozy place (down a half-flight of stairs just below street level) to unwind and discuss the happenings of the day. I will point out that ALL the Chapman faculty here are in full agreement that not only is global warming absolutely real, but that it definitely is man-made (anthroprogenic) and may be past the point of no return, especially as far as ice melt at the poles.  It made for sobering dinner conversation.  As I watched my buttermilk ice cream floe melt on the plate, I said to visiting Chapman professor Paul Chan, “Well, I guess that will be it for the polar bears, then.”  He shook his head and said, “The polar bears are going to be the least of our worries.”  Uh-oh.  That can’t be good.  More tomorrow from the thick of it. A look back at the day in photos:

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