Pics from Day 1: Lines, meetings and Al Gore’s head

Posted by Chris Kim

Deepa and Mary had some good comments, so I’m going to stick with photos and witty/smarmy captions.

Catching the speedy metro (leaves every 2-3 minutes) in to the Bella Center, bright and early. Spirits are high.

The line for registration at ~7:30 AM. Spirits considerably chillier after waiting for >1 hr in 1°C weather.

Your intrepid blogger @ COP15.

Just after receiving accreditation badge at the primary photo op location before entering the Bella Center.

Menas at the "Building Asia Network for Responding to Climate Change" panel event. We made it just in time!

Slightly blurry photo of the main lounge area.

Document Center, the information nerve center as the day's full schedule is available there each morning.

The Global Platform information lounge set up by Denmark to inform and offer a place to relax/talk/stare at a huge globe which doesn't rotate although you expect it to.

Another angle of the Global Platform, which replays a series of images and statements to inspire the masses.

Cartoon schematic for a renewable energy future at the Global Platform.

Recycling containers are everywhere (although dishearteningly misused at times).

Another angle from the Global Platform. I enjoyed it if you couldn't tell.

Silent protest by young Canadians seeking change. Unfortunately, if you were walking by too quickly it looked like it read "Canadians Go Home" which seemed a bit harsh.

The back of Al Gore's head met all expectations. I missed getting into this event organized with scientists studying the Greenland ice sheet melting.


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