Organic food, windmills, smiling security guards

Posted by Deepa Badrinarayana

Deepa Badrinarayana

It is 4:09 p.m. on Monday. I am sitting amidst a sea of computers. From my vantage point I can see the steady spinning of a windmill through a glass ceiling. Would I be exaggerating if I think that this conference uses a lot of renewable sources of energy? Unlikely.

The day has been a whirl. We began cheerily enough despite having to stand in line for about an hour for registration in the cold — memories of California sun kept us going, as did the general air of excitement and a steady stream of advertisements, news reports,  handouts and the stealthy line-crashers — human nature at its finest. They were undeterred by taunts or direct criticism. So well.

A familiar sight: Delegates huddled around a laptop.

Inside, the tent was like a mini airport. Actually, not mini. Huge pretty much sums it up. Then, finally, we made it into the sanctum sanctorum!!

Menas Kafatos kicked off the day for us with an interesting presentation on building cooperation by treating consequences of climate change as a global phenomenon. The session on the whole raised the serious consequences that Asian countries face and the need for an Asian network. It was great to have the Chapman logo on an official COP 15 program. All panelists raised some thoughtful concerns and needless to say, discussions, ensued.

Then the exploration of the arena began. How does one put this? Think of Yankee stadium magnified infinitely, with smiling security guards everywhere; cafeteria stands that sell organic almost everything with those  Danishes! And then magnify it yet again and again and imagine a world of viewpoints buried in this space and voila! you have COP 15 at the Bella Center. The level of organization that has obviously gone into this is incredible!


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