Chapman team starts to arrive in Copenhagen!

Posted by Menas Kafatos

We have arrived in Copenhagen after a long trip from LAX to Charles De Gaulle, connecting to Copenhagen. I was rushing to try to get to the Bella Center to get my badge as we heard that they would close at 6 p.m. and would not open until  noon on Monday. It turns out that the center was closed, and we will have to go there tomorrow morning to get the badges.

At the airport there are several booths where COP15 participants can obtain information from friendly staff. You can see that the entire city is geared toward COP15 and is proud for hosting it.

We then checked into the apartment, where we were met by Eva-Sabrina and Klaus Sustmann, who are subletting us their apartment for this week. They were very friendly and helpful with details about Copenhagen, including where to eat, how to get around, etc. Chris Kim and Manny Smith were there. Paul Chan was at the other apartment, and we are making plans as the rest of the Chapman team (8 in all by tonight) is getting in.

I am a panelist at the Korea Green Foundation side event “Building Asia Network for Responding to Climate Change.” The moderator is Professor Yowhan Son of Korea University. We have a poster that describes our work at Chapman on hazards and adaptation for the Asia-Pacific region. The side event is organized by the NGO Korea Green Foundation and sponsored by Korea University and Chapman University.

More tomorrow!


One Response to Chapman team starts to arrive in Copenhagen!

  1. Don Will says:

    Dear Colleagues,
    I hope you are enjoying Kobenhavn. When you say it in English, never pronounce the “a” as “ah,” which evokes bad memories of the Germans.

    I trust you are finding the Danes to be as hyggelig as their reputation. Try the akvavit, polser, and smoerrebrod, but be careful not to use the wrong spread with the salkod or they will thing you have no palate. I hope the Cop15 proves some sort of success!

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